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It’s been three weeks since this family’s dog was stolen and they hope whoever has him will do the right thing and give him back.

“It breaks my heart knowing he was literally right around the corner,” Samantha Norris said.

Norris has lived in her Lake Los Angeles neighborhood for five years. The mother of three boys had two dogs: a husky named Bolt and a pug named Ted. That was until a few weeks ago, when Ted was taken while she was at work.

“I went to let both dogs inside and the husky came but the pug did not,” Norris said.

That’s when she realized her 3-year-old pug was gone. She immediately looked at her security cameras to see what happened, but for some reason they weren’t working. So she searched the entire neighborhood for Ted.

“It’s just sad somebody came up on my property, opened my gate and took my dog,” Norris said.

She posted missing fliers around town and waited for a phone call.

Two weeks later, someone sent her a Facebook message saying they saw her dog for sale on Craigslist.

The ad said the purebred 2-year-old pug was healthy, super friendly, and the family was moving away so they had to let him go, for a $200 rehoming fee.

Samantha called the number and eventually got in touch with the woman who placed the ad.

“She said she did have my dog. She did sell him on Craigslist for $200,” Norris said.

Norris said the woman told her she didn’t steal Ted, but that he jumped in her van. Then said he walked up to her porch. Then changed her story again saying she sold him to someone in Glendale.

Norris soon discovered the woman who sold her dog lived down the street, less than a quarter mile away. Her property is locked up and gated.

“It’s my dog, it’s my family. My kids want their dog back. My sons asks everyday, ‘when’s he coming back?’ It just breaks my heart that I don’t know when he is coming home,” she said.

“I want my dog back because he was mine. You shouldn’t have my dog because he doesn’t belong to you,” 8-year-old Rhylin Simpson said.

Norris said she did call police and says she wants to press charges.

Ted is microchipped so if you’ve recently purchased a dog, or know someone who has, you could take him to a vet to get scanned.

If you find a dog and cannot identify them through microchip, take them to a nearby shelter because that’s likely the first place the rightful owner will look.