LAPD bodycam video shows protester had hands up when officer shot him in head with less-lethal round

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Footage from a Los Angeles police officer’s body camera shows a man with his hands up being shot in the head with a tactical round as officers advanced on a crowd of fleeing protesters in late May.

The man, CJ Montano, was standing in the middle of a street in the Wilshire area after taking several steps backward as officers on skirmish lines in front of him screamed “Less lethal!” and “Leave the area!” As the officers began firing at the protesters as they fled, Montano can be seen dropping to the ground, then being rushed away from the scene by other protesters.

Montano, who could not immediately be reached for comment Friday, was later hospitalized. His shooting is now under investigation by the LAPD’s Force Investigation Division.

In a video including the body-camera footage that was produced and released by the LAPD on Friday, Capt. Gisselle Espinoza, an LAPD spokeswoman, said, “the circumstances of how Montano was struck, and which officer fired the less-lethal projectile that struck Montano, is still under investigation” as an “unintentional head strike.”

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Warning: This video contains graphic language.

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