LAPD Chief Michel Moore Gets Lassoed by New Restraint Device That Will Soon Hit the Streets

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Standing before 20 cameras, Los Angeles Police Chief Michel Moore stood motionless as a sergeant pointed a laser at the chief’s leg to demonstrate a new gadget that will hit the streets next month.

A loud boom echoed across the Police Academy grounds, and a Kevlar cord wrapped itself around Moore’s legs to prevent him from running away. He could only shuffle his feet and needed scissors to cut the cord from his dark blue pants. The new device, called the BolaWrap 100, fires a Kevlar cord that ensnares an individual’s body to restrict mobility, giving officers seconds to swarm the person without using more drastic measures such as a Taser or gun.

The device resembles a gadget on a superhero’s utility belt and will soon be in the hands of several hundred officers to help detain individuals without using force. The Times reported last week that the Los Angeles Police Department would test the devices for free for several months. The department began rolling them out Monday.

Moore volunteered to be lassoed to show the devices cause minimal, if any, pain when it’s fired at combative people.

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