Michel Moore has submitted the required paperwork to secure a second term as chief of the Los Angeles Police Department. Moore says his next term will be his last.

The LAPD boss submitted an application to the Board of Police Commissioners to be reappointed for another term. The application is viewed mostly as a formality, but is required by the Los Angeles City Charter.

Moore’s current term ends in June 2023. If he is successful in securing another term, which is expected, he will serve as chief for an additional five years.

Moore was appointed LAPD chief back in 2018 under then-mayor Eric Garcetti.

At the time of his appointment, Moore was a 36-year veteran with the LAPD and was in charge of the department’s patrol operations.

He was praised for his knowledge of crime statistics and budgets, according to the Los Angeles Times, and was one of three finalists chosen by the commission, before ultimately being chosen by Garcetti. He was 57 years old at the time of his first appointment.

Moore called his first term as chief of one of the nation’s largest police forces a “great honor and privilege.”

While admitting that there was still work to be done, he highlighted what he called a successful four and a half years with significant reforms, enhanced training and improved transparency within the force.

“It is my strong desire to continue leading this department as it strives to improve public safety and trust as we pursue the best practices of 21st Century policing,” Moore wrote in a news release.

William Briggs, the president of the Board of Police Commissioners, called Moore an “outstanding law enforcement executive” and said he was happy that he was seeking a second term as chief.

The commission will discuss his candidacy during closed sessions before opening the discussion up to the public for comment.

Moore will have a long list of tasks and objectives if he is successful in securing a second term as chief.

Among those challenges include the promoting and training of existing officers into more prominent ranks and leadership roles following several months of retirements and departures of senior staff members.

His second term would also coincide with the 2026 FIFA World Cup which will include several matches in Los Angeles, as well as the 2028 Olympics and Paralympics, of which Los Angeles has been selected as host city.

Moore said the department will need to fill vacancies and restore depleted staff levels as the city takes the world’s stage.

On Tuesday, the new mayor of Los Angeles, Karen Bass, said she was notified of Moore’s request and said she was eager to discuss it with him.