A Los Angeles Police Department gang and narcotics detective was arrested more than a year after allegedly trying to buy a silencer online, officials announced Tuesday.

Luke Walden was arrested on Tuesday after an investigation. He allegedly tried to buy the silencer in April 2021, which is a felony, authorities explained.

“Reverence for the law is an unbending expectation of each member of this department,” LAPD Chief Michel Moore said in a statement. “The circumstances of this investigation trouble me greatly given the responsibilities of the involved detective.”

In his own statement, L.A. Police Commission President William J. Briggs III said the LAPD will not tolerate corruption at any level.

“The Board of Police Commissioners will do everything to ensure that the Department operates at the highest level of integrity. The Commission will be directing the Office of Inspector General to review the circumstances of this incident and cooperate with our State Partners.”

No further details about the detective or the arrest have been released.