The Los Angeles Police Department held a gun buy-back event across the greater L.A. area Saturday morning.

The Police Department is growing concerned about the rise in “ghost guns” on the street. Ghost guns can be assembled by unlicensed buyers from kits and are virtually untraceable because they lack serial numbers, according to police.

The ghost gun buy-back event was held at five locations Saturday morning — three in south L.A., one in Wilmington and the other in Van Vuys.

In exchange for turning in a ghost gun or any unwanted firearm, police officers handed out gift cards worth between $100-200.

In November, the L.A. City Council passed an ordinance to prohibit the possession, purchase, sale receipt and transportation of ghost guns.

“Starting on April 1, if you are in possession of a ghost gun, it is a misdemeanor crime, and you’re looking at some jail time and a financial penalty for that,” said LAPD Captain Rodolfo Lopez. “