The Los Angeles Police Department is warning some communities to be on alert in light of recent street robberies and follow-home attacks.

The Police Department issued what’s called an “Area Safety Bulletin” Saturday, warning that victims have been followed in areas like Melrose Avenue, the jewelry district in downtown, certain nightclubs and even high-end businesses throughout Los Angeles.

Police say the robbery targets are usually wearing expensive jewelry — including watches or necklaces — or even carrying designer handbags. Other victims are being targeted for the cars they’re driving.

Just this week, at least one Los Angeles Police Department officer opened fire on a pair of robbery suspects in the Fairfax District who were attempting to steal a man’s Rolex watch. In Tarzana, a homeowner opened fire on four would-be robbers who entered their home. No property was stolen and no injuries were reported during that incident.

Police are urging residents to avoid becoming victims by always being aware of their surroundings, avoid flashing expensive items in public and record any suspicious activity they might witness.

If you do fall victim to a robbery, police say to cooperate and comply with your attacker’s demands. Do not resist, but instead call 911 and write down everything you can remember about your assailant.

To read the full community alert, click here.