An attorney representing the family of a Los Angeles police officer who died during a training earlier this year alleges that the victim was targeted and killed because he was investigating fellow officers.

“We have uncovered evidence that Houston Tipping may have been harmed and later died as the result of retaliation against as a whistleblower,” attorney Brad Gage said.

Though Tipping’s death on May 26 had been ruled an accident, Gage alleges he was targeted because he was about to reveal information against four other officers he was investigating in connection with a gang rape.

Gage indicated that at least one of those officers was present during the training that turned fatal.

Tipping had been practicing a bear hug exercise when he fell down while holding another officer and suffered a spinal injury.

In a wrongful death suit, Tipping’s mother alleged that he was repeatedly struck in the head with so much force that he bled.

Gage questioned why there was no security footage recorded on that training day.

He is pushing for a full investigation and even wants the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office to look into the matter.

LAPD Chief Michel Moore said the allegations are “without foundation.”

“He’s made other baseless allegations in this unfortunate tragedy,” Moore told the KTLA 5 Morning News.

Tipping, 32, had been on the force for five years and was also a bike instructor.