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Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti on Thursday questioned whether LAPD officers who shoot people are sufficiently punished when the shootings violate department policies, ordering a review of such cases going back years.

Garcetti said that “quite often,” stiff penalties supported by elected officials and police leaders never materialize in such cases because discipline panels hand down lesser penalties — sometimes leaving officers who officials want to fire on the force.

Citing that and a report by the LAPD’s inspector general last year that found newer, all-civilian discipline panels have been even more lenient on errant officers, Garcetti said he had ordered the inspector general to assess the issue once more — this time producing a public report that will outline the discipline received by officers found to have broken policy in shootings in recent years, as well as the outcomes of any appeals they made to those punishments.

During an end-of-year news conference on crime and policing in 2021 that covered an uptick in homicides but also in police shootings, Garcetti said the review would provide “a clearer understanding” of whether the current discipline process is “fair” and “just” — and what reforms are needed.

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