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Newly released videos from protests near the Grove in May show intense clashes between activists and Los Angeles police officers and shine new light on two of the most controversial moments of the unrest.

The LAPD body-camera footage makes clear that a brutal moment involving multiple officers swinging their batons into a crowd — which had previously gone viral after being captured on video by a protester — occurred after another officer was yanked into the crowd by the neck.

The new footage also shows multiple exchanges between Bradley Steyn, a famed anti-Apartheid activist and former spy for Nelson Mandela’s party who now lives outside L.A., and officers on the skirmish line.

One of the officers appears to get kicked by Steyn before another fires a tactical round into Steyn’s groin. The video was released Wednesday as part of an investigation into Steyn’s injuries — which sent him to the hospital with a ripped scrotum and ruptured testicle.

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