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Dozens of children battling cancer were sworn in as honorary LAPD officers Thursday in the Universal City area.

The kids are a part of the Sunshine Kids Foundation, a childhood cancer organization, which provides emotional support and gives them a chance to celebrate life by providing fun activities.

For 13 years, the Sunshine Kids have come from across the country to attend this annual ceremony with the Los Angeles Police Department.

Seventy-five active LAPD officers attended the ceremony. The department’s concert band played and a police airship flew across the sky,  bringing smiles to the Sunshine Kids’ faces.

“To us, you are our heroes,” an LAPD official told the children.

The kids were then taken on a trip in police cars through the streets of Hollywood.

“Life can be really hard sometimes, and seem unfair,” said Sunshine Kid Mason Leblanc. “But it does get better. I promise you it does.”

The event happened during Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.