The Los Angeles Police Commission on Tuesday approved donating LAPD ballistic helmets and vests to a non-profit that will deliver them to Ukraine.

The surplus ballistic gear will be donated to the First-In Fire Foundation, which will ship them to Ukrainian troops.

The Ukrainian Army would be getting 526 ballistic helmets and 378 ballistic vests from the Los Angeles Police Department.

The gear’s already stored in pallets and ready for shipment, according to LAPD Chief Michel Moore.

“Both surplus helmets and vests have exceeded the manufacturer’s five-year warranty and are currently awaiting destruction. The equipment has no value to the LAPD,” Moore wrote in a March 24 letter to the commission.

The chief said L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti is aware of the donation and fully supports sending the equipment to the Ukrainian people.

The L.A. City Council voted late last month to begin the process of making Ukraine’s capital, Kyiv, a sister city to L.A.

Councilman Joe Buscaino, who proposed the measure, said it would make it easier for L.A. to donate equipment like fire trucks or other vehicles to help Kyiv.

As the war rages on, non-profit organizations around the U.S. have been stepping up aid to Ukraine.

The U.S. government has also made several allocations to the country, so far providing more than $1.7 billion since Russia’s invasion began in late February, the Hill reported.

The State Department and Pentagon announced the U.S. is sending up to $100 million in additional military aid to Ukraine Tuesday evening.

The money will go towards Javelin anti-armor systems, according to Pentagon press secretary John Kirby.