Authorities are warning the public about an increase in vehicle break-ins at Griffith Park, with thieves particularly targeting rental cars.

In an effort to curb such crimes, signs are posted in the park reminding motorists to “Lock it, hide it keep it.”

“Be safe, lock your cars, hide your valuables. Do not leave credit cards, IDs or passports in your vehicles,” Gary Walters, commanding officer for northeast patrol, said during a news conference Tuesday.

He indicated that thieves target property that is left in plain sight, such as luggage, purses, even passports at popular areas of the park.

Detective Michael Ventura explained that investigators watch surveillance video from cameras at the park and have tracked incidents to organized theft groups out of San Francisco and Oakland.

He said that while thieves target anyone with property left in vehicles, they look at rental cars in particular because they are easily identifiable.

“When they see a rental car up here in the park, there’s a greater likelihood that there will be money and/or valuables,” Ventura said. “Those tend to be targeted or hit more often.”

Both Walters and Ventura highlighted that Griffith Park is home to a wealth of things to do, from horseback riding to golf, and that sadly, people are having their property stolen at all times.

“There’s so much that this park has to offer it’s really from sunrise to sunset that people are being victimized,” Ventura said.

One woman who was visiting from out of state, recently had $9,000 worth of valuables stolen from her vehicle, Los Angeles Park Ranger Joe Loserreli said.

Other stolen items include laptops and cameras.

“Before somebody really notices that it’s happened, the thieves are gone,” Loserreli said. “The thieves are basically in and out real quick.”

While the break-ins are not violent, often times windows are being smashed, so authorities warn visitors to the park to leave valuables at home, secure them in a safe spot in your vehicle and lock it before walking away.