Memorial Day weekend is finally here and Los Angeles County beaches are filling up fast.

If you’re planning on hitting the sand this weekend, you can expect to see a lot more uniformed law enforcement officers patrolling the beaches.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department is stepping up beach patrols this summer from Playa Del Rey all the way up to Malibu.

The Sheriff’s response team, mounted enforcement, as well as homeless outreach and mental evaluation teams have been tasked with patrolling the beaches as violent crime and the homeless rate have increased over the last several years.

“Sometimes I feel unsafe coming here by myself, but to know that we have the Sheriff’s around makes me feel pretty good,” said Bre Rimer, an L.A. resident.

While some people welcomed the added law enforcement presence, other people questioned if more officers on hand will really increase safety or just create additional stress for beachgoers.

“I don’t think we need armed forces to make us feel any safer at the beach,” Emily Greener, another Los Angeles resident said. “If anything, I feel like it’s going to create more fear.”

Deputies will be on hand to assist L.A. County lifeguards and other law enforcement agencies throughout the next several weeks.

The families that spoke to KTLA said they were excited to visit the beach and the law enforcement presence was a welcome addition for the holiday weekend.