A Studio City man has been working to fix his yard after he said artificial turf thieves made off with a portion of his lawn.  

According to filmmaker Bryan Michael Stoller, the heist took place outside his townhome sometime last week. He said he first spotted the missing turf while taking his dog out for her morning walk.  

“She went to do her business and we both realized that the lawn had been stolen,” Stoller told KTLA.  

Another section of his lawn was lifted up, but he thinks the turf thieves must have given up, adding that it couldn’t have been easy to steal the lawn and the robbers likely knew what they were doing.  

“I noticed there was a corner where it looked like they couldn’t get the whole thing up and so it looked like the rumpled remains of a carpet,” he said. “When they put down turf, it’s thousands of nails and special stakes. So, it’s really difficult to get it up. It must’ve been some kind of a special turf gang.” 

Stoller said after getting over his initial disbelief, he found some humor in the situation and posted about the heist on Nextdoor, the social networking site for neighborhoods.  

“If anyone sees my lawn in the street or in your area, please let me know,” his post read in part.

Artificial turf theft
Studio City resident Bryan Michael Stoller is seen replacing a portion of his artificial turf on May 9, 2023, that he says was stolen. (KTLA)

The Studio City resident estimates that the artificial grass robbers got away with around $2,000 worth of his lawn. When asked for comment by KTLA, the Los Angeles Police Department said they have not heard of an increase in these types of thefts.