Lawsuit ID’s CHP Officer Caught Beating Woman on Video; Calls Him the Devil

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Video shot July 1, 2014, by a motorist showed a CHP officer throw a woman to the ground, straddle her body and repeatedly punch her. (Credit: David Diaz)

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A CHP officer who was caught on-camera beating a woman on the 10 Freeway was identified and called the devil in a recently revised version of a civil rights lawsuit.

California Highway Patrol Officer Daniel L. Andrew straddled 51-year-old Marlene Pinnock and punched her for 10 to 15 seconds on July 1 before arresting the homeless woman, the lawsuit stated.

CHP would not confirm the name of the officer involved.

The officer caught on cellphone video taken by a passing motorist was responding to reports of a woman walking into lanes on the freeway, authorities have said.

Andrew falsified reports of the incident, omitting his repeated punching, and saying Pinnock was combative and called him the devil, according to the lawsuit, which was filed July 17.

Marlene Pinnock is seen in a 2009 family photo that was provided by her attorney.
Marlene Pinnock is seen in a 2009 family photo that was provided by her attorney.

“Whether or not Ms. Pinnock called him the devil is secondary to the fact that he proved the (that) he was indeed the devil or a very close relative,” the document stated.

Pinnock said she was exiting the freeway when Andrew “suddenly and violently” threw her to the ground.

“He was bamming me in my temples with all the strength he had,” she was quoted saying in the lawsuit.

Pinnock felt immediate pain to her temples, face, shoulders and other areas of body, and recalled saying “stop, I didn’t do anything to you” during the ordeal, the lawsuit stated.

Andrew ripped Pinnock’s dress and displayed her naked buttocks to the slow-moving traffic as he straddled her and continued punching, according to Pinnock.

She believed Andrew addressed her by name prior to the physical altercation, and the two had contact during other instances.

Details of those interactions were not provided.

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