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Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti’s possible exit to join the Biden administration has lawyers in a lawsuit against the city tussling over when his wife could be deposed ahead of any departure by the couple.

Lawyers filed papers Tuesday asking the court to order the first lady of Los Angeles, Amy Elaine Wakeland, to be deposed before June 15 in a lawsuit brought by a former bodyguard to the mayor who claims he was harassed by a longtime Garcetti aide.

The motion doesn’t concern whether Wakeland should be deposed, but only when her deposition should take place.

Diana Wells, an attorney for plaintiff Matthew Garza, argues in a motion that city attorneys offered July 7 to depose Wakeland and that Deputy City Atty. Doug Lyon reported that he was “booked” before that date. Wells claims in her motion that “intentional delay is what is really going on.”

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