Los Angeles County’s largest and busiest airport has reached a major milestone, completing a construction project that fixes a problem that has plagued travelers for years.

On Wednesday, Los Angeles World Airports announced that passengers can now go from terminal to terminal -all terminals- without having to leave and re-enter through security.

The passenger improvements were made possible by the completion of the connector between Terminal 3 and the Tom Bradley International Terminal.

Passengers who catch a connection through LAX will no longer need to leave and re-enter security when getting onto their next flight.

Long exposure of the iconic LAX Los Angeles International Airport sign at night. (Getty Images)
The iconic LAX Los Angeles International Airport Sign at Night.

The only way to get between terminals is to walk in sequential order, and the walking distance between terminals 1 and 8 is about 2 miles, LAX said.

But additional improvements are coming. When the much-anticipated Automated People Mover opens in 2024, pedestrian bridges will create more connectivity between terminals, officials said.

In the meantime, there are plenty of things to make the walk between terminals more tolerable, including shopping, food and drink vendors, lounges, children’s play areas, pet-relief stations and “entertainment experiences.”

Karim Webb, president of the LAWA Board of Airports Commission, said LAX is experiencing an ongoing modernization, which he says elevates the guest experience while providing economic opportunity for airport neighbors and the greater Los Angeles area.

“The projects that now allow passengers to go between terminals post-security also provided jobs for over 7,000 local workers, equaling over half a billion dollars in wages for these individuals,” Webb said. “The roughly 2-mile end-to-end connection from Terminal 1 to Terminal 8 will continue to foster career pathways for our local community by supporting the expansion of operations and concessions roles.” 

LAWA CEO Justin Erbacci said the “positive impacts” of the airport’s transformation are beginning to materialize.

“This is just one vital update in a collection of many that are making travel at LAX efficient, dependable and user-friendly,” Erbacci said.

The LAX People Mover is expected to begin service in fall 2024.

Once completed, it will connect passengers between the rental car facility, economy parking lot and six stations that connect with the LA Metro system.