The Los Angeles International Airport pylons will light up to honor former L.A. Mayor Richard J. Riordan, who died Wednesday night surrounded by family, friends, caregivers and his beloved dogs.

Riordan was 92 years old.

“Tonight, our pylons will be lit the city’s colors, red-green-yellow to honor former LA Mayor Richard Riordan,” the official Twitter account for the airport announced Thursday.

Both current and former L.A. city officials reacted to the news of Riordan passing Thursday morning, with many crediting him for helping lead L.A. through challenging times such as the 1992 Rodney King riots and the 1994 Northridge earthquake.

“Mayor Richard Riordan loved Los Angeles and devoted so much of himself to bettering our City,” L.A. Mayor Karen Bass said in a statement. “In the wake of the Northridge earthquake, Mayor Riordan set the standard for emergency action – he reassured us and delivered a response with an intensity that still pushes us all to be faster and stronger amidst crises.”

Riordan was elected in 1993 and served until 2001 after making a fortune as an investment banker.

The former mayor is survived by his wife, three children, three grandchildren and his sister.