The Biden-Harris administration announced Tuesday that Los Angeles International Airport will receive an additional $31 million in grant funding through the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law to help reconstruct the terminal roadway system. 

The LAX Terminal Roadways Project will attempt to modernize the airport’s existing roadway network by reconfiguring the main entrance to the airport and building eight miles of roads that connects the Central Terminal Area at LAX with the rest of the airport. 

U.S. Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg announced $50 million for LAX through the same infrastructure bill in July 2022; the additional funding brings the total investment by the FAA to $81 million. 

“This second round of funding demonstrates the commitment shared by the Biden-Harris administration, the Federal Aviation Administration, and Los Angeles World Airports in ushering in a new era at LAX,” said Los Angeles World Airports CEO Justin Erbacci. “These grants will be used to reconfigure and upgrade the local roadway system, which will greatly improve how guests get to and from our airport and are a key component of our modernization.” 

The LAX Terminal Roadways Project adds on to the refurbishment projects that are currently underway, with a high-speed train system and a consolidated rental car facility already in construction.