A former JROTC cadet is battling chronic kidney disease and is in dire need of a life-saving transplant.  

Nadia Menjivar’s family says her kidney function is only at about 2% and, unfortunately, her condition is rapidly deteriorating.  

“Nadia is a 21-year-old, very high-spirited, joyful, wonderful girl,” Gisela Menjivar, Nadia’s mother, told KTLA.  

At 19, Nadia developed an infection in her heart that caused the problem in her kidneys.  

“We’re in a critical moment right now. Because of (the) dysfunction of her kidneys, we’re afraid that may cause other problems…and of course also death,” Gisela said.  

Nadia’s biggest wish, according to Gisela, is to be a mom. 

“She wants to be married. She wants to have a family, so her biggest concern is, ‘Will I do that?’” Gisela said.  

The family says that they are determined to find a solution for their daughter.  

“A live donor could come and change Nadia’s life forever,” Gisela said.  

To learn more about Nadia’s story, visit the Facebook page Pray For Nadia. Anyone interested in becoming her donor can also find more information by following this link.

KTLA photojournalist Phil Ige reports.