The Loma Linda University Children’s Hospital is set to introduce a new digital experience to their facility for patients, visitors and their families. 

The experience, called Loma Land, blends technology and art in a three-part sequence where children can create their own personalized forest creatures.

Loma Land has been carefully designed to reduce stress and improve the well-being of those who participate, according to an official hospital release. 

“Children visiting the hospital will have the opportunity to select their very own personalized forest creature, which will accompany them on their path to the elevators,” the children’s hospital said. 

The custom creatures can also be decorated with a range of accessories. 

Upon creating and customizing their own forest creature, children can “release” them into the wild where they can interact with the creations of others. 

The magical “release” takes place on a 60-foot-wide screen that serves as the children’s “gateway into the world” of Loma Land. 

“Loma Land offers hospital visitors, patients and their families the opportunity to nurture their creativity and overall well-being,” Loma Linda University Children’s Hospital said. 

The unveiling of the new digital experience takes place on Tuesday in the hospital’s lobby. 

Loma Linda University Children’s Hospital treats over 100,000 patients annually, including the delivery of over 3,000 babies.