Rising pop artist Izza is just one of the people on the long list of victims of violent crimes across Los Angeles.

However, she might be the only one who decided to turn her experiences into a song. 

The Encino native had several belongings stolen from her house in August 2022, and while she was devastated to have lost her possessions, she was more focused on apprehending those who were responsible for taking them.

“I felt extreme loss and defeat, but even though I lost so many of my things, all I cared about was catching the robbers,” Izza said. “I worked closely with the detective that was assigned to my case and although he tried his best, there were hundreds of other cases that took precedence over mine.” 

This wasn’t the only time Izza fell victim to a burglary; in 2020, she was followed home by a homeless man who then broke into her house, she said. 

“I have also experienced frequent harassment and have constant fear that my safety is being jeopardized, even in neighborhoods that are deemed to be ‘safe’,” Izza said. “I have dialed 911 more times this year than I have probably spoken to distant relatives…the Los Angeles I grew up in and know is not the Los Angeles I see today.” 

Thus, she took it upon herself to combine her artistic outlet with her harrowing experiences to create her latest song “United States of Robbery” – a track filled with lyrics that Izza hopes will help to effect change throughout the L.A. community. 

“Change seems so far away, but I will continue to be outspoken and fight for peace,” she said. “America’s violent debauchery has motivated me to bring awareness to the need for accountability to stop the vicious cycle of moral decay that is occurring in our city.” 

The severity of the uptick in crime is something that cannot be ignored, Izza said. She hopes her song can inspire others to get involved with local government and inspire Angelenos to take a collective stand against violent criminals. 

Overall, as a victim and witness to crime in L.A., Izza is doing her best to spread awareness and try to put an end to violent criminal activity in a way that works for her and appeals to a wide audience. 

“I don’t know how to stop these crimes, but I do know how to write a song and that’s what I did,” she said. “It is unfortunate that I had to experience loss and trauma to become more outspoken, but it was the wake up call I needed. My hope is that other Angelenos can learn from my stories so that they don’t have to be victims themselves.” 

To watch the video for “United States of Robbery,” click here.

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