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For weeks, Dana Tanner has kept her Long Beach restaurant open for outdoor patio dining in defiance of pandemic safety regulations. She had two tables left to serve Saturday afternoon when city workers showed up, she said, and shut off her gas.

It’s the latest in a string of enforcement efforts officials have lodged against Restauration and Tanner personally in recent weeks, she said, including nine citations and misdemeanor charges. Still, Tanner refuses to close her doors.

“I’ve seen the damage this does to people when they lose their livelihood,” she said. “I refuse to participate in that.”

So, she dusted off some stove tops and a countertop fryer in her storage, bought an electric water heater from Home Depot and worked with her chef to revise her menu. French fries and steak are off the table. Pancakes take up too much space to make, she said, but she does have enough room for French toast.

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