The Long Beach Police Department, with assistance from the FBI, have arrested a man accused of pointing a high-powered laser pointer at multiple aircraft in a spree that lasted for nearly a year.

Authorities say Mark Allen Barger, 46, of Long Beach, was arrested and faces felony charges.

Barger allegedly regularly pointed the high-powered laser at the Long Beach Police Department’s helicopter, as well as commercial airlines and private planes near Long Beach Airport.

Long Beach police officials say Barger would anticipate the arrival of planes and intentionally point the laser into the direction of the cockpit.

Investigators were eventually able to narrow down the search to a home near the 1500-1600 blocks of Silva Street in Long Beach.

Last week, the FBI and Long Beach Police Department conducted a surveillance operation, in which they apparently observed Barger leave his home and point the laser at the Police Department’s helicopter.

Barger was then arrested and booked into the Long Beach City Jail where he remains held without bail.

Officials say he is expected to be charged with one felony count of discharge of a laser at an occupied aircraft, as well as violating his parole.

The Long Beach Police Department said pointing lasers at aircraft is a serious and dangerous crime that can result in federal charges.