Long Beach leaders on Thursday outlined their plans to combat the homelessness crisis in the city.

Earlier this week, the City Council announced an emergency proclamation on the issue, which will allow officials to coordinate inter-agency response, seek assistance from state and federal governments and speed up the process of getting additional housing units.

Officials on Thursday brought out their new mobile access center, where they can process intake of homeless individuals immediately and provide medical checkups.

“This proclamation of emergency will allow us to tackle this crisis head on with a faster, more expedited level,” Mayor Rex Richardson said. He added that the focus will start in the downtown area of the city.

The action follows similar responses in Los Angeles city and county.

Meanwhile, in Palmdale, city officials there passed a resolution opposing L.A.’s emergency response, saying the Antelope Valley area is not a dumping ground for homeless people.

During a meeting Wednesday Palmdale City Council members said homeless people have been sent to their city on public transit with untraceable tickets.