In the span of just 20 seconds, Josh Beadel says a burglar cost him and his wife at least $1,000 dollars in cash and damage. But beyond the money, he says their sense of security is shattered.

Beadel and his wife, Pamela, own the popular Breakfast Bar on Atlantic Avenue in Long Beach and are among several small business owners who have been recently victimized by break-ins.

“The gentleman was casing the place. We had footage of him coming up to the window,” Beadel told KTLA after sharing security camera footage of the burglary which occurred two weeks ago. “Then, he comes down where there’s nobody around and smashes the window, walks right in, and takes cash registers right out of the bar and walks right out.”

Other central Long Beach businesses including Prism Boutique, Plantiitas and Viento y Agua coffee shop have also been targeted in recent weeks.

“It’s a hassle more than anything,” Beadel says. “It’s damaging to the community and to see that someone is violating us in that way.”

Long Beach Mayor Rex Richardson was scheduled to meet with business owners Wednesday morning to discuss the surge in burglaries and how the city is responding.

Beadel told KTLA he met personally with the mayor and his local City Council member and supports the efforts of police thus far.

“They’ve been nothing but responsive to us explaining what they’re doing,” Beadel said.