A California-based artist is on the mend after suffering a bizarre accident that has put her painting career on hold.

Carla Negron has undergone two surgeries to save her hand which was injured in a fall at her art studio.

According to the fundraising site GoFundMe, Negron was in her workshop when she took a tumble, leading to her left hand getting stabbed by one of her paint brushes.

She’s since undergone multiple surgeries to combat a severe infection and she says more surgeries may be on the horizon.

Negron is hoping to raise $10,000 to help pay for her medical bills and recovery.

“As I embark on the path toward physical recovery,” Negron writes. “Your financial aid would assist me in meeting my essential daily expenses, and give me the freedom to concentrate on rehabilitating my motor skills.”

Negron, who describes herself as an abstract figurative artist is originally from San Juan, Puerto Rico. She shares images of her artwork on Facebook and Instagram, where she has about 20,000 combined followers.

Those wishing to donate can visit her GoFundMe page for information.

Despite the injury that has cast a shadow over her career and passion, she’s remaining positive.

“I have a long road to recovery ahead of me. I am determined to regain the use of my hand so that I can continue pursuing my artistic dreams,” Negron said.