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The Los Angeles City Council on Tuesday approved a resolution condemning the actions of Russian President Vladimir Putin in waging war against Ukraine.

The resolution, which also urges international divestment of holdings in Russia, passed on a 14-0 vote.

A similar resolution was passed unanimously Tuesday by the Orange County Board of Supervisors. It encourages the county to sever ties with any Russian-backed bank or financial institution. The county currently doesn’t have any direct investments in Russia.

In Los Angeles, members of the City Council expressed support for Ukraine, denounced “horrific acts against humanity” and expressed concern that history is repeating itself.

“What’s happening in Ukraine right now is close to home for me,” Councilmember Paul Koretz said.

“My mother’s family fled Kyiv a hundred years ago to avoid the Russian pogroms, and I’ve been sick to my stomach seeing the photos of innocent men, women and especially children who have been murdered in this invasion,” he said.

Koretz also said it was important to support LA’s Russian communities and businesses.

“They are not responsible for the actions of an out-of-control madman,” he said.