The end of March is bringing with it a milestone in the COVID-19 pandemic in Los Angeles: the end of the county’s emergency declaration.

The March 31 expiration brings with it the end of COVID-related renter protections, a measure the Board of Supervisors declined to extend in a meeting last week.

Another change is masking in health care facilities. Employees will still be required to wear masks around patients, but patients and visitors will not.

The emergency order that allowed restaurants to create outdoor seating on public walkways and parking lots is ending as well, though restaurants with an existing outdoor dining permit can continue to operate.

In a statement posted to Twitter, county officials acknowledged that at 1,122 days, this was “the longest emergency in LA County history.”

“We honor the 36,000 who lost their lives and reflect on the opportunity to serve the public during this challenging time,” the statement continued. “The end of the emergency doesn’t mean the end of LA County’s support for residents who continue to struggle with COVID-19 and its impacts.”

For assistance, county officials encouraged residents to visit the county’s website. Renters who want to know more about their rights can learn more from Stay Housed L.A.