A 57-year-old Los Angeles man was arrested after a lengthy investigation revealed that he was a supplier of fentanyl and methamphetamine to residents of Ventura and L.A. counties, authorities announced last week.  

The investigation, according to a news release from the Ventura County Sheriff’s Office, found that the suspect, identified as Kevin Mulvihill, was operating the illicit drug supplying business out of various motels and short-term rental properties in Los Angeles.  

The Ventura County Superior Court granted detectives a search warrant for the 57-year-old’s vehicle and a motel room he had been renting.  

Mulvihill was detained by VCSO narcotics detectives and authorities with the Culver City Crime Impact Team on Feb. 9, while he was in his vehicle in the 4700 block of Inglewood Boulevard in Culver City. A short time later, authorities executed the search warrant at the suspect’s hotel room, located in the 10800 block of Santa Monica Boulevard in L.A.  

“As a result of the investigation over four pounds of methamphetamine, over a pound and a half of fentanyl, 978 counterfeit oxycodone pills (believed to be fentanyl), hundreds of prescription medication pills and US Currency deemed to be proceeds from drug sales were seized from Mulvihill,” authorities said.

Evidence seized from 57-year-old Los Angeles resident Kevin Mulvihill on Feb. 9, 2023, after authorities conducted an investigation that they say reveals he was supplying drugs to residents in Ventura and L.A. counties (Ventura County Sheriff’s Office).

Authorities also noted that the total amount of opioids seized during the arrest was more than 600 grams, approximately 15,000 doses.  

“As a point of reference, ingesting as little as .25 milligrams of fentanyl could be a fatal amount,” the news release stated. “This equates to just this one seizure having the potential to kill over a million people.”  

Mulvihill’s case was submitted to the United States Attorney’s Office for filing considerations.