On some of Los Angeles’ busiest streets, street parking spots are removed and instead function as another lane for driving during peak traffic times.

However, a proposal by the Los Angeles City Council could disallow driving those lanes, perhaps opening the door to them becoming bike and bus lanes.

On Wednesday, the council asked for a study on the topic, specifically on the affected roads Alvarado Street, Vermont Boulevard, and La Brea and Roscoe avenues.

“Most peak hour lanes were installed many years ago, in an era where vehicle throughput was the primary (or only) consideration of street design, and the need for or desirability of these lanes has not been evaluated since their installation,” read a motion authored by Councilmembers Bob Blumenfield and Mike Bonin.

The council has not approved the changes and is so far only seeking a report on the move, which the Los Angeles Department of Transportation has been instructed to bring back within 90 days.