The Great ShakeOut earthquake drill is back and set to take place Thursday.

Students and employees will be asked to drop, cover, and hold on for the one-minute-long drill at 10:20 a.m.

KTLA’s Ellina Abovian braved an earthquake simulator earlier Thursday to practice her technique with ShakeOut spokesman Lance Webster.

“We have people practice drop, cover and hold on because when an earthquake happens, I think most people — even those who know drop, cover and hold on — stand there wondering, ‘Is this the big one?'” Webster said.

The problem with that, according to Webster, is that if you don’t get down immediately, you will get thrown down if it turns out to be “the big one.” Then you could be injured and unable to help your family, he said.

“The moment you feel shaking, get down. If it’s the big one you will be a lot safer,” Webster said.

Residents were advised to get under something to protect themselves from falling objects. If you can’t get under anything, get up against an inside wall and away from windows.

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