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Loved ones are left with unanswered questions after a woman died and another was left hospitalized in critical condition following a night out in Los Angeles over the weekend.

Friends and family believe the women might have been drugged by men described by others as predators.

“She loved life so much,” Jan Cilliers said of his wife, 24-year-old Christy Giles. “She was such an incredible person.”

Cilliers says the circumstances around his wife’s death are suspicious. But her final moments were documented on social media.

She and 26-year-old Marcela Cabrales, an interior designer who had just moved to Los Angeles from Mexico, were at a warehouse party, when Cabrales apparently met a guy and they were all going to go to an after party in the Hollywood Hills.

Cilliers believes at some point overnight, the women became incapacitated.

Nearly 12 hours after anyone had heard from the women, Giles’ body was left at a Culver City hospital. Two hours later, Cabrales was taken to a different hospital in West Los Angeles.  

Cilliers told KTLA heroin was found in his wife’s system, but indicated neither of the women would ever take the drug.

Cilliers said he knows who the women were with that night. He and Giles’ best friend said they have been receiving messages from other people sharing their own bad experiences with the men.

“I don’t know if we’ll ever get closure unless there’s justice against these men,” Sandy Evangelista Robinson said.

Los Angeles Police Department’s west bureau homicide detectives indicated they’re looking into any possible sexual assault or foul play in this case. An overdose is possible, but the death is still undetermined, police said.

Additionally, coroner’s officials said they expect to have more answers for how Giles died in the next 48 hours.

A GoFundMe page has been set up for Giles’ funeral costs.