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Efforts to track down the missing sections of the long-lost sculpture Well of Scribes are ramping up.

The Los Angeles Public Library and Alta magazine and its publisher announced on Tuesday a $10,000 reward for information leading to the discovery of the sculpture’s lost pieces. The bronze sculpture — which honored history’s great writers — mysteriously vanished more than 50 years ago when the downtown L.A. library underwent a makeover.

“We’re excited to broaden the search and to ask the public’s help in this endeavor,” said Alta magazine editor Blaise Zerega in a phone interview. He encouraged anyone with a hunch about the missing pieces’ whereabouts to reach out.

“The well, when it was created and part of the library, it symbolized knowledge, language and the importance of books,” he said, “and returning that to the library is an important statement of our civic history and a reminder of the importance of words and meaning in these anxious times.”

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