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A 19-year-old man has been arrested in connection with a home invasion robbery and a series of burglaries in Hermosa Beach, authorities announced Thursday.

Jose Luis Delgado is seen in a photo provided by the Hermosa Beach Police Department.
Jose Luis Delgado is seen in a photo provided by the Hermosa Beach Police Department.

Jose Luis Delgado was taken into custody at his home in San Bernardino on Aug. 3, and was released after posting $100,000 bail, according to a news release from the Hermosa Beach Police Department.

The home invasion occurred in the early morning hours of July 31, when police imposters robbed a woman at her home on The Strand while a neighbor’s house was simultaneously burglarized, police said.

The woman said she awoke about 12:05 a.m. to the sound of two men, both dressed in black clothing, in her bedroom.

“I screamed and he said, ‘Don’t scream. Don’t do anything. I’ll shoot you,'” the victim told KTLA shortly after the crime. She declined to be identified publicly. “They were shining flashlights in my eyes.”

The intruders told her they were police officers, but rebuffed her when she asked for their identification. Her 99-year-old grandmother was asleep in another room.

The robbers forced the granddaughter to accompany them as they searched the residence for valuables, then ordered her “to disrobe and forced her into a bathroom while they made their escape,” the Police Department said in a statement. “It appears the suspects were scared off by a neighbor’s burglar alarm sounding.”

Jewelry and $100 in cash were taken in the home invasion, which may have been connected to a nearby burglary, according to investigators. Both crimes occurred in the 2800 block of The Strand.

In the latter incident, a person or persons broke into an unoccupied home whose power had been turned off, the news release said, adding that the lack of electricity “may account for the burglary alarm delay which allowed that suspect to ransack that location.”

The amount of possibly stolen property was unknown.

A witness told investigators that a man wearing all black clothing exited the home and fled about the time the alarm sounded.

The two break-ins were possibly connected to yet two other burglaries that took place “sometime in the days prior” to July 31 in the 1900 block of The Strand, police said. The homes were ransacked in the earlier thefts. Among the stolen property were personal items, jewelry and a safe.

Delgado was arrested on suspicion of kidnapping, robbery and burglary. It was not immediately clear why police waited 10 days to announce his arrest.

“It is an open and active investigation, and more arrests may follow,” the Police Department said Thursday.

Anyone with information was asked to call police Detective Jonathan Cruz at 310-318-0332.