A serial tire slasher is in police custody after costing residents in Monrovia thousands of dollars in damage.

The crime spree started Friday night. The suspect was spotted on security cameras creeping down alleys as he targeted trucks and cars.

Jesus Romero was one of the victims of the slashing spree. He had multiple vehicles damaged including vehicles he needs for work.

He said at first he thought he just had a flat tire, but as he got a better look at the damage and saw multiple tires were destroyed, he realized it was no coincidence.

As many as 25 vehicles were vandalized during the three-day crime spree, police said. Security camera video shared with KTLA shows the suspect with his hood up, hitting cars on the street and in driveways.

Edward Cisneros was at work on Lime Street Tuesday fixing the damage the suspect had left for him. He had to replace two tires on one truck which he said set him back “about $200.”

His brother’s truck had three tires destroyed.

“You have your budget,” Cisneros said. “This is out of your budget.”

Monrovia police said the vandal returned to the areas along Lime and Lemon streets near Old Town Monrovia three nights in a row. On Tuesday he returned in the afternoon where he was apprehended.

Lt. Daniel Verna of the Monrovia Police Department said the man was using a metal piece of equipment like a punching tool to slash the tires.

He was identified by police as 22-year-old Sterling Williamson of Monrovia. He’s been booked into jail and faces felony vandalism charges for causing thousands of dollars in damage and a lot of frustration.

For Romero, the damage done to his work vehicles threatened his ability to do his job.

“These are our work trucks,” Romero told KTLA. “It’s not right.”