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A man was arrested after he was captured on video launching a firework at Huntington Park Police Department officers following Mexico’s upset victory over Germany in their World Cup opening match Sunday.

The man, who was not named, was arrested on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon, said Huntington Park Police Department Lt. Paul Kraut.

“He bent down in the street and started firing mortar-style fireworks at the officers,” Kraut said. “They had to move to avoid being struck by the projectiles.”

The fireworks were shot at officers who formed a line in the downtown business area near Florence Avenue and Pacific Boulevard, Kraut said.

The incident came after the match ended 1-0, prompting revelry across Mexico and in many parts of Southern California.

A video was uploaded to Twitter of the man shooting the firework in Huntington Park, where police said most celebrants were just peacefully having a good time.

Other videos showed cars doing doughnuts in the street.

Robert Maestro, who works at a nearby business, said the attack was uncalled for.

“People like that should not do that,” Maestro said. “To mess it up for the other people who just want to have fun … it’s not right.”

Pablo Figueroa, who was in the area watching the World Cup, said the man’s actions were dangerous but he understood why.

“People get in the moment and anything could happen … like, I could have done it,” Figueroa said.