A man was left beaten and desperate for help after his beloved French bulldog was stolen in Ladera Heights during an early morning walk.

The attack happened on the 6300 block of Wooster Avenue as the victim was taking a stroll. The victim’s family is now pleading for the public’s help to find their beloved dog, Bruno.

“It’s sad that it has to happen like this,” said Stefan Becker, the victim. “I can relate now to people in [a similar] situation, when you see people on the ground, being kicked at like a piece of dirt. No regard for life, no regard for a human being.”

Becker was left battered and bruised after a group of three to four men beat him up as he was walking around 5:30 a.m. The thieves took 3-year-old Bruno and fled from the scene.

“He made our family, our lives, richer for sure,” Becker said of Bruno.

Becker described the suspects’ vehicle as an older model silver-colored Toyota Camry. He said the suspects suddenly pulled up next to him, hopped out and assaulted him.

  • Missing French bulldog, Bruno, in a family photo. (Melissa Sagerian)
  • Missing French bulldog, Bruno, in a family photo. (Melissa Sagerian)

“Two massive guys got out of the car covered with ski masks and gloves,” recalled Becker. “One of them jumped out of the passenger seat and approached me while I was stumbling backward saying, ‘Give me the f****** dog.’ I had my dog on the leash and when I heard that, I immediately got hit in the face.”

Becker said the impact knocked him to the ground. He dropped the leash and Bruno ran about 10-20 feet as Becker was laying on the street. He said a second person then came out of the car and began kicking him in his ribs.

One suspect grabbed Bruno, hopped back into the car and the men drove off.

“When I dropped the leash and he ran, I know that he was screaming when he was picked up,” Becker said of Bruno. “When I remember that, it’s heartbreaking.”

His family remains devastated and just wants Bruno back home safely.

“When everything’s said and done, I can forgive the people who treated me like a piece of dirt,” said Becker. “Just give us back our dog.”

Becker said Bruno is microchipped and the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department is investigating the case. Anyone with information is asked to call 213-229-1700.