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Surveillance video captured a man allegedly placing a card skimming device on a credit card machine at a Hawthorne convenience store.

It happened Saturday at a 7-Eleven on West 135th Street.

Security footage from the convenience store showed the suspect, a man wearing a black face mask, black clothing and an orange ballcap, waiting for just the right moment to install the card skimmer without anybody seeing him.

The store’s manager told KTLA that it happened during an overnight shift and the card skimmer wasn’t discovered until Sunday morning.

Anyone who made a purchase at the convenience store during the overnight shift should contact local police and keep an eye on their bank accounts.

A police report has been filed with the Hawthorne Police Department, but the current status of the investigation is unclear.

If you recognize the man in the security footage, you are urged to contact Hawthorne police at 310-349-2700.