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Los Angeles police are searching for a man who was caught on surveillance video stealing more than $100,000 worth of valuables from a Beverly Hills home.

The man broke into a home in the 2200 block of San Ysidro Drive near the border of Beverly Crest and Beverly Hills around 2:55 p.m. Saturday afternoon, according to the home owner, Paulina Diaz.

“I’m scared that it’s going to happen again or when I’m home with my daughter,” said Diaz.

A white SUV BMW is shown on camera slowly driving up to Diaz’ home. The driver then exits the vehicle and breaks the glass door of the home.

The man is then seen going into Diaz’ bedroom and taking multiple items including jewelry, passports and purses, according to Diaz.

“I saw my bed was unmade and then I went into the closet and I saw that everything was all over the place,” said Diaz. “Material things come and go but I feel really scared now.”

Diaz told KTLA that the thief took more than $100,000 in valuables and left the home around 3:19 p.m. He then fled the scene in the white BMW.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Los Angeles Police Department, West Division at 213-473-0277.