A road rage encounter in Orange County that was partially captured on dashcam video is costing one man $4,000 in damages.

The incident occurred Tuesday afternoon while the victim, who only wanted to be identified as John, was driving down Chapman Avenue in Orange.

He was approaching Tustin Street when an SUV left a parking lot, crossed into John’s lane then suddenly stopped.

The other driver didn’t signal and, as John gestured to him, he says the man started “flailing his arms,” got into another lane, and yelled out the window after John passed him. That’s when John says the driver got out of his SUV and went on the attack.

John rolled up his window and locked his door, hoping the man would just yell at him.

“Basically he came up, yanked my handle, punched the window, didn’t like that, so he kicked,” John said.

John backed up his car, but the man wasn’t done.

The vandal ended up yanking his driver’s side mirror until it came off.

Based on videos posted online, Orange police believe the man may have been involved in other similar road rage incidents.

Anyone who recognizes him is asked to alert authorities.