Man Claims He Found Nude Photos on Brand New Cell Phone

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A Pasadena man has filed a lawsuit alleging a cell phone he purchased as brand new had already been used to take pornographic pictures and videos.

Arsen Garibyan filed a lawsuit claiming he discovered graphic content on what he thought was a brand new cell phone.

Arsen Garibyan claimed his 5-year-old son discovered the graphic content when he used the phone to play games.

“He came up running to me … ‘Papa, papa look, there’s a butt on your phone,'” Garibyan said.

Garibyan returned the phone, but said he kept some of the pictures as proof.

According to Garibyan, he recognized the people in the photos as store employees.

The lawsuit states Garibyan purchased the phone from an authorized Sprint store in Pasadena back in 2011. That store is no longer in business.

Garibyan filed the lawsuit two weeks ago against the dealer, Sprint and Nextel.

Arsen Garibyan filed a lawsuit two weeks ago against the dealer, Sprint and Nextel.

Sprint released the following statement in response to the lawsuit.

“This incident occurred at a retail store in Pasadena that was selling  Sprint products. Sprint does not condone this behavior.  The sales representatives allegedly implicated were not Sprint employees. We terminated our relationship with this dealer shortly after the incident.  Our investigation into this matter continues.”

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