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Jeff Evans steers his white Dodge Ram along a narrow dirt road, scanning the blackened trees and ashen ground for two skittish dogs.

They come running when they hear the truck, and Evans offers them dog biscuits from the big red box of Milkbones he keeps on his floorboard. Good, he said giving them a pat. They’re doing OK. He can move along.

Checking on the dogs is just one chore on Evans’ list. He’s one of a handful of people left in Concow, a mountain hamlet tucked deep in the woods that has been under mandatory evacuation orders since the Camp fire tore through here on Nov. 8. If he leaves, he can’t get back in.

His neighbors stuck on the outside have been emailing him requests. Because the gas in the generator powering his electricity — and his internet — is limited, he hops online for a few minutes each day, answers their questions and gets going.

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