Police are searching for two women after a man in his 70s was assaulted while waiting at a Pasadena bus stop on Monday, officials said.

Just before 1:30 p.m., the victim was waiting at a bus stop in the 600 block of Los Robles Avenue when a vehicle stopped just south of the bus stop, Lt. Sean M. Dawkins of the Pasadena Police Department told KTLA.

A female passenger got out of the car with an unleashed dog and walked towards the victim, police said.

“The dog growled and barked at the victim and the victim asked the suspect why the dog was barking at him,” the department said.

The woman then told the victim to “shut up” and punched him in the face, according to police. 

The man stood up and raised his cane at the woman to defend himself, the department said.

A second woman, the driver of the vehicle, approached the man from behind and allegedly shoved him to the ground.

Then both women kicked the victim multiple times in the body and the head, police said.

They then went back into their dark colored sedan and left the scene, going south on Los Robles Avenue. 

The victim had cuts and abrasions to the face and abrasions to the knees, police said, adding that he did not want to go to the hospital.

The motive for the assault is still under investigation and there was nothing stolen from the victim. 

Police have not released a suspect description, and no further details were immediately available.