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The owner of a clothing store called Mix & Match in San Bernardino says a would-be thief became stuck in his store Tuesday afternoon when he locked the doors as the man was attempting to commit a burglary there.

The man is seen on the store’s surveillance footage grabbing clothes. Boutique owner Steve Han says he then threatened him with a knife.

Acting on instinct, Han immediately left the store and locked the suspect in, he said. The man can be seen attempting tp break the store’s windows with a large wooden block, but he was unsuccessful.

The suspect eventually escaped by kicking down a back door, surveillance footage shows. Security guard Kevin Hawkins said he apprehended him soon after.

“He actually came back to get his bike,” Hawkins said. “At that time, he had a knife in his hand.”

Hawkins said there was “a little bit of a struggle” with “pushing and shoving,” but he was able to hold the suspect 10 minutes while they waited for police to arrive.

The suspect was then arrested without further incidence, Han said.