Two police officers are credited with saving the life of a man who fell into the ocean from the Santa Monica Pier.

The rescue occurred on March 27 in the late evening. Harbor Officers Kat Ahlers and Henry Reyes saw a man sprint to the end of the pier, climb over the railing and hang from it with just his hands, the department posted on Twitter.

“Reyes grabbed onto him to keep the man from falling,” police said. “Just as Ahlers suited up in her wetsuit, Reyes lost his grip.”

  • Santa Monica Harbor Officers Kat Ahlers, Henry Reyes
  • Santa Monica Pier Rescue

The man hit the water and started to drown when police say Ahlers jumped in after him, secured him with a rescue tube, and then swam him to where her partner had dropped a rescue basket.

“The individual was successfully rescued uninjured thanks to the quick & decisive action of these heroes,” police said.