A man was struck by a car that was doing donuts at a street takeover in Buena Park late Thursday night.

Video captured the incident, which occurred around 11:30 p.m., as spectators gathered around the intersection of Valley View Street and Artesia Boulevard.

The video shows a man trip and fall as a car heads in his direction and is partially run over.

Video showed the pedestrian down on the ground for several moments after being struck, but it did not appear an ambulance was ever called.

The crowd dispersed a short time later when police arrived.

At another street takeover at Sunkist Street and East Cerritos Avenue in Anaheim, someone poured flammable liquid in the middle of the intersection and then lit it into a ring of fire.

Spectators were seen running into the ring as vehicles performed stunts around the intersection.

The crowd left when police arrived there as well.

It was unclear if anyone was arrested at either street takeover.