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A Los Angeles County man who spent nearly 11 minutes unconscious on a stretch of track in Boyle Heights before being struck by a Gold Line train has sued the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, alleging that his life-altering injuries were preventable.

While waiting for a train at the Soto station in May, Patrick Chammas, 30, fell off the platform, struck his head, landed on the tracks and lost consciousness, according to a lawsuit filed Friday in Los Angeles County Superior Court.

Chammas spent 11 minutes lying unconscious on the tracks, apparently unnoticed, before a train pulled into the station and ran over him, his attorney said.

“A human being should not be able to be on the tracks unnoticed for almost 11 minutes in a modern subway station,” said Matthew McNicholas, Chammas’ attorney. “It’s an entirely preventable accident, and it never should have happened.”

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