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A man possibly suffered a heart attack while driving at Los Angeles International Airport and hit a pedestrian in the crosswalk on Thursday, authorities said.

The “elderly” man is believed to have suffered the medical emergency while driving near Terminal 5 around 11 a.m., when he lost control of his vehicle, said LAX Police Department Officer Rob Pedregon. Terminal 5 is located at 500 World Way.

The man’s vehicle jumped the curb, hit an empty bus bench, sideswiped a taxi and struck a person in the crosswalk, Pedregon said.

Afterward, the driver and the pedestrian were transported from the scene to a hospital and were in stable condition, he said.

There were no other injuries.

Soon after the crash, a number of inner traffic lanes were closed and traffic was diverted to outer lanes. Lanes were reopened by 12:14 p.m., authorities said.